Volksworld 2017

Volksworld for the uninitiated is the first big UK Volkswagen show of the year. It is the time when people unveil their shiny over winter projects and the time everyone gets out their van and beetles and other assorted Volkswagens out and shows them off to other people who like similar things 😀

There were a few people selling stuff too…from vehicles to teeny little unidentifiable engine bits… (yes…I know they are identifiable by some people…or any people with the right book but shh)

We trundled over in the the van in the morning, parked up and made a cup of coffee…this is the extremely civilised thing about taking a little house with you when you go places!!

Unusually for me, I forgot to take a picture of the van in-situ so to set the scene it was in a carpark, but it was a neat grassy carpark and it was full of really cool vans some similar to ours some not.

We eventually left the car park and headed into the show 🙂 I do have some pictures of the things we saw…

First the T25s (for those of you who don’t know…this is the type of van the little red van is, and thus awesome!):

next a sample of the rest of the show… I *may* have taken a picture of (almost) all of the T25s and only a few of the rest but shhh…there were a lot, I had to chose my favourites!

I was also slightly taken with the “rat look” vans, these are ones with preserved rust and patina. So any you see which appear rusty are supposed to look like that!

NB: I am not that taken with the faux-tina rat look vans, which is ones that have paint on patina and fake rust…some of it is just a little too try-hard-y in my opinion… but each to their own I suppose.

All in all it was a fun ad-van-ture and I can tell you that the ice-cream van pictured in the non-T25 section, is not only an original ice cream van, which is awesome, but it sells very nice ice-cream! 😀

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Ad-van-ture in the Forest

We have had the little red van for 3 months now (more or less) and we decided it was high time it got properly tested. After all we have tried out the coffee making facilities, we have filled it full of awesome stuff, we have got a colour coordinated cheese knife… it was time for […]

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Just add things…

After a few successful outings which included the making of tea, we decided it was about time we filled the cupboards in the van with the sorts of things it is important to take with you on ad-van-tures. Things like plates and cutlery and a mini colour coordinated cheese knife! Yes, we really do have […]

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Ad-van-tures in lino printing

Van related art activities 😀

(there are some good pictures of the actual printing in there…but you may have to click through to my other blog to see them…something to do with how re-blogging works… )

Art Journal

My third foray into lino cutting and printing is an homage to the iconic Volkswagen T25 campervan. More to the point…an homage, and possible means of making accessories for and decorating our iconic Volkswagen T25 campervan. After all…it is extremely hard to find things with pictures of T25s on… people seem to only make Items with Split screen vans and Bays on them, which are lovely and everything, but not right for us.

This is the one:


I followed the same process as in my last post,  and used a photo as the basis for the cut and then transferred it to lino, or in this case soft-cut material which is a plastic version.

Work in progress…

And the finished product…

I had a go at something different this time too. I tried out printing on to fabric. I know if I want to donfabric I will need specialist…

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More sociable van-tics…

hehe… I am slightly happier that I just thought up another van pun than I should be…hehehe van-tics 😀 Anyway… After the success of the Horsham VW meet up, we decided that the little red van should meet some more T25s and we could meet their owners (one or two of whom we already knew…). […]

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