Irish Advanturing – Part 5

This is getting to be a long series! I was so excited by the flying shed and conquering a tiny mountain that I forgot to tell you about the awesome place we stayed in Castletownbere! It was right on the edge of the inlet opposite Bere Island and the site itself was called Bere Haven […]

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Irish Advanturing – part 4

Wednesday: The day of the flying shed! No, I am not kidding…well more or less not kidding… We decided to make a trip out to Dursley Island off the end of the Beara Peninsula, it is a relatively small island and only accessible via Ireland’s only cable car… The drive out there was extremely picturesque, […]

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Irish Advanturing – part 3

Tuesday morning started with a donkey trying to eat my sleeve… it’s ok though, he wasn’t vicious about it, I probably shouldn’t have tried to stroke his nose before breakfast! After this donkey drama we set off to the local shops for supplies, this is noteworthy for two reasons, the first is that the name […]

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Irish Advanturing – part 2

This third morning of our adventure took us to a second abbey of the holiday Timoleague Abbey. This is a ruined abbey on the edge of the town of Timoleague. It managed to escape the dissolution of the monasteries only to be burned and asset stripped by Cromwell. Actually is soldiers, probably not himself… It […]

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