Presenting Our Little Red Volkswagen Van

On the 10th December 2016 we became the proud custodians of a VW T25 California Westfalia Campervan…

By which I mean we conducted a transaction with a man in Essex in which he got a chunk of our money and we got a little red van to have adventures in.

It looks like this:

Look how awesome it is!!

The plan for 2017 (and beyond) is to take this little van on adventures around the country, and possibly even across the sea. They may be grand adventures lasting weeks or tiny adventures lasting hours, but they will all be awesome adventures.

After all…what’s life without adventure!!

The plan for this blog is to tell you about these adventures…obviously…but also to tell you about the things we have to do to the van to keep it in tip top adventure condition…after all it is an (almost) 30 year old van so is likely to need some tlc…

Just in case you are wondering who we are…we are Sam  posting as Ice Badger and Mark…posting as Mark. In case that isn’t clear enough…I am Sam…I have pink hair  Mark…is not writing this post and he has a beard…

ok…lets make this really easy…here’s a picture 😀



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