Ad-van-ture number two: Van with fairy lights…

In case the fairy lights reference didn’t give it away…this is a xmas based post…

It is a relatively short ad-van-ture but bears a mention because it forms in important part of van history. Important because it was our xmas present.  Our outlandishly extravagant xmas  present…well…not outlandishly extravagant really…it will be awesome as we will be able to use it for adventures for years!! and we will go away far more often than we ever would without it 😀

I have a suspicion that with the amount of coffee I drink, just taking the facility to make our own coffee with us on day trips will save us a fortune 😉

Anyway…back to the adventure…as the van was our xmas present we thoght it only right that we took it out on xmas day when we went to spend the day with family 🙂

and because it was xmas…we thought it only right that we decorated the van with little van-scale fairy lights 😀

Ok…so there is an outside chance that we should have gone back outside and taken photos of the pretty lights when it we darker and you could see them…

but for some reason we didn’t…

We did decorate it though and it is the thought that counts right?? and the fairy lights had little snowmen and father christmases and little trees on…what could be more xmas-y!!

I am not going to mention all the details of xmas day…it was good to see family, and almost exactly as you would expect an xmas full of nephews to be…there was quite a lot of lego building..and I played xbox for the first time… it was confusing!

Happy xmas us…and happy new van day 😀 😀


10 thoughts on “Ad-van-ture number two: Van with fairy lights…

  1. It is indeed a very festive van! I just love it. You are very brave to play Xbox. I used to really enjoy Playstation and even Playstation 2, but then controllers with millions of buttons and wiggly things were invented and the whole thing actually became harder than learning to drive. Back to my Nintendo DS for me! Did you play one of the shoot-y type games?

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    1. X-box was incredebly baffling…there were a lot of buttons and little pushy things and suchlike…and my nephew handed me a controller without telling me what they all did O_O
      we played Lego Star Wars which was good, only about 15 mins in I had to stop and say what do all these things do??
      He told me…some of them…then made it all a lot more complicated by swapping characters, both in the game using the swapping characters feature and by the much “simpler” method of swapping controllers with me when he wanted to play the character I was…
      I was really quite confused…

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      1. My, that does sound confusing! I got roped into playing a war one – Black Ops or something. I couldn’t work it out – I was running round in a circle staring at the floor. Eventually I worked out how to move, but not how to work the guns and things. Ended up stabbing everyone in the head before being blown to pieces. I don’t know how these kids do it… *wanders off to a retirement home in search of gin*

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      2. it is baffling to say the least!!
        I think more gin might have helped…
        although I still may not have reached the levels of my 8yr old nephew…
        the conversation kept following the lines of him saying “anutie sam…do this thing”
        followed by me saying “I am doing the thing but the thing is not happening”
        then controllers getting swapped and me trying to find out if I was a wookie or not…

        Stabbign people in the head and gettign blown up is quite an extreme reaction to being confused in a game… remind me not to play confusing computer games with you :-p

        we can sit in chairs and drink gin instead!

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      3. If you could have been sure about your wookie nature I think you might have been better at the game. Wondering if you are a wookie can be distracting…
        Haha! Obviously in the game I stabbed people and got blown up. Although it sort of made me feel like getting blown up in real life. Chairs and gin are much more my sort of thing – we can sit at the back and watch! Well – start off watching, then talk nonsense, then fall asleep 🙂

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      4. exactly!! noone needs to question whether they are a wookie or not…
        I was once R2D2 and possibly an ewok.

        I think sitting with gin and talking nonsense sounds like a much better plan!! we should definitely do that!

        in fact we should do that whether other people play xbox or not!

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      5. I feel I have a great affinity with ewoks, what with being quite small and unusually hairy (for a girl). If I could be a gin-drinking ewok life would be grand! In the meantime we shall sit around and talk nonsense and only pay passing attention to other people on the Xbox 😀

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      6. I agree..being a gin drinking ewok sounds excellent…
        especially if you consider we would have a treetop village to sit in…
        although, we might have to sit very still in case we fell out of the trees…

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