A tale of tails and muddy paw prints…

I nearly called this “when vans and cats collide” then I realised that was a terrible title with terrible connotations… Let me be clear…there were no van-cat collisions!

To be completely honest, this post is a little bit of an excuse to share pictures of the cats in the van…because they are awesome…all of them cats and van alike! After all…the cats can have ad-van-tures too… although theirs have to be restricted to when the van is stationary…and at home…

It really is quite a simple story…the cats love the van, as soon as we brought it home they decided it would be a fantastic place to explore and play. There are comfy seats and lovely worktops to walk on… there is a warm sunny dashboard to curl up on and of course the top of the can is the perfect van-tage point with which to survey their domain! Β What could be better for a trio of marauding menace cats!

I am helping!!
My Dashboard…all mine!!Β 
you get the dashboard…I am having the seat
I am queen of the world!Β 

This of course does mean that the interior, and the exterior of the van are covered, at all times, with small muddy paw prints…



15 thoughts on “A tale of tails and muddy paw prints…

  1. A small muddy paw print is an expression of love! These are just gorgeous pictures, I love them. When vans and cats collide could have been a whole other, much more tragic post! Last summer one evening I was out on the patio (you know my patio!) listening to Three Counties Radio – a source of unlikely entertainment if ever there was one. Richard Spendlove was on, having one of his random phone ins. People were ringing in about the time they met the Queen, or the time a tree fell on their house or whatever. One chap rang up and told the traumatic tale of the time he ran over a box of kittens in his van. It seemed to haunt him still. Who on earth would ring a radio station to share that?!

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    1. a small muddy paw print is certainly an expression of love…the really love the van!!
      Why would anyone think that anyone else would want to hear about that on a summer evening!!
      I did misread that for a second mind you and thought there was a whole other story about the time a tree fell on the Queen…

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      1. I would rather have heard the story about a tree falling on the Queen, to be honest. I love that show, though – sometimes he is quite drunk and rowdy, other times he can’t get the music to play and his listeners are all batshit crazy. I keep threatening to call in but I haven’t got anything mad enough to say…

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      2. yes…me too…

        it does sound like an awesome show πŸ˜€
        I am fairly sure you could come up with something mad enough to say…I could help… we could tell him a tag team crazy story!!
        about the time I was a gin drinking wookie and you ran the country with my help and everyone lived in an ewok village!!

        it might not be 100% truthful by some definitions… but it would be entertaining!

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      3. Oh my that would be epic! I feel the need to concoct something and we should both harass Richard Spendlove on his show. And then we tell everyone to buy my book hahaha! I’m going to think on this, be warned – you could very well be dragged into some crazy scheme. But it is a crazy scheme you can do from the comfort of an armchair, so don’t worry πŸ™‚

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      4. I am still very much in favour of the kidnapping Bez scheme, I just haven’t come across him yet. When I do, he is sooooo kidnapped! In the meantime, I shall muse upon possible on-air radio shenanigans. You muse too – you are the Minister for Good Ideas after all! (and gin)

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      5. The Happy Mondays were in hastings last year when we were dancing there, and I thought about kidnapping bez then…but I was on crutches so my kidnapping capacity was low!
        I will indeed muse on the idea…
        I certain it is a Good Idea after all πŸ˜€

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      6. I have no doubt that Bez is a huge fan of both our blogs and never misses a post. We must thereby continue all kidnap plans in code – or maybe just on Facebook, he will never work out Facebook πŸ™‚
        Ah, gin. Is it too early to feel your warm embrace? (If I’m talking like that, probably not)

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      7. oh yes…facebook it is that is quite an advanced social media construct after all…
        It is never too early for gin! except possibly when you still have to drive home from work, then go dancing later…
        and by you…I mean me πŸ˜€

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