Horsham VW meet up – little red van makes friends!

We decided that it was about time our little van got out and made some friends…

Either that or we wanted to take it somewhere because a) taking the van places is fun and 2) the place we were taking it would be full of people who would like it…

Anyway, for whatever reason we decided to go along to the first Horsham VW meet up of 2017. It is pretty much exactly what it says, a time and place where any local VW owners can take their vehicle along and look at other ones and talk to people about VWs or anything else that they fancy talking about…

it was mostly (but not exclusively) VW vans of one description or another this time and unusually there was a higher number of T25 van than any other 😁

There were more vehicles than that there, but I forgot to take photos of them all…and it was raining…and that is it for my excuses 😉

It wasn’t the warmest or driest day we had been out on, but it was 7th January so on balance, it really wan’t that bad 😀 and, most importantly, we met some lovely new people (and people we already knew) and had a good chat and explored some vans 😀

You may have noticed that the little red van has a little red friend in the form of a VW T25 Atlantic, it is right there next to it in the pictures above, you can tell which one it is as it says Atlantic on the front. 😀

The VW Atlantic, like the California is a Westfalia conversion originally made in Germany. THe Atlantic and the California are official VW conversions rather than a third party conversion as some are. This doesn’t make them better necessarily, but is worth a mention. When they were Originally manufacturered, the Atlantic was a higher spec vehicle, which is why it has double glazing and suchlike which ours doesn’t.

The reason I am telling you so much about this is that this is the van belonging to our friends Trevor and Alison. As such, you may find that it features in this blog more than once 😀

This is Trevor:

Not to be confused with this person, this person is me:

I know…I didn’t need to put that last one up…but I just like those photos next to each other 😀

This was one of our smaller ad-van-tures, but it was still fun 😀


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