More sociable van-tics…

hehe… I am slightly happier that I just thought up another van pun than I should be…hehehe van-tics πŸ˜€


After the success of the Horsham VW meet up, we decided that the little red van should meet some more T25s and we could meet their owners (one or two of whom we already knew…). Consequently, on a damp Sunday morning we set out for Shoreham… you know about Shoreham, we have been before…to the fort.Β This time however we were headed for the carpark of Shoreham airport museum…

Yes…I know it sounds a little random and sketchy…but is is a reasonably sensible sized place which is not too busy with other people.

It turned out to be a good meet, we saw lots of T25 vans, which ,considering they are all basically the same vehicle, all looked surprisingly different! We met some lovely new people, some of whom are in the getting parts for T25 vans business and are therefore tremendously useful to know! We also saw the little red van’s nearly twin belonging to Trevor (you know Trevor he was in the last post) πŸ˜€ All of these things made it into a very good morning…even if it was a soggy one…

And it really was a soggy one…I was tremendously grateful that our van has an inside equipped with coffee making facilities πŸ˜€


So many T25s
So much dampness

A very welcome cup of coffee!!Β 




5 thoughts on “More sociable van-tics…

  1. Van-tics is a stroke of genius, very good indeed! Now, I really love little red van – and look at all its brothers and sisters! The little dog in the first picture looks very excited to be there – and who can blame him! Good to see the weather didn’t dampen spirits. Van-tastic!

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    1. It was lovely to see so many vans all so similar and so different πŸ˜€ I met that little dog, he was very enthusiastic…there were quite a number of enthusiastic dogs there, they didn’t seem to care about the rain at all πŸ˜€

      Van-tastic…I love it and I am going to add it to my list of van puns to use in future episodes πŸ˜€

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      1. Dogs and vans fear no bad weather! But something tells me this will be a whole lot more fun when the weather picks up. Imagine the potential for shenanigans with all those vans! And little dogs!
        I shall be thinking of van puns non-stop now…


      2. Yes, I think it will be a whole lot nicer when we don’t get quite so soggy!!

        I am going to have to get a van mascot in place of a little dog…I don’t think the cats would like to travel around in the van…


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