Just add things…

After a few successful outings which included the making of tea, we decided it was about time we filled the cupboards in the van with the sorts of things it is important to take with you on ad-van-tures.

Things like plates and cutlery and a mini colour coordinated cheese knife!

Yes, we really do have a mini, colour coordinated, cheese knife…every van needs one!!

Anyway, in the time between planning to have a van, having a van that didn’t work and having a van that does work, we managed to amass quite a lot of stuff to go in the van, and n the time between buying the van and putting things in the van we had managed to amass a good deal more… cue packing nightmare…

this is not all of it…

Before we found all of this lovely stuff a home, we decided it might be wise to line the cupboards, and if while we lined them, we could also stop things sliding about, so much the better… this is a ad-van-ture van after all…it will be going places!

As luck would have it we had a lovely roll of anti-slip matt-y stuff… which happened to be the right amount to do all of the cupboards

After that it was just a case of putting thing in places…

Hopefully places that made sense and were relatively easily accessible…but that is not something you can tell until the van has been used a few times fully equipped…


they swallow a lot these cupboards…

Now all we need to do is test it out…



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