Irish Advantureing – part 1

We have only been on our Irish Advanture for 3 days but it feels like much much longer!

In a good way…obviously 😊

We have already seen so many things and been to so many places that it feels like we have been here at least a week!

The first day was spend mostly on a ferry journeying to the foreign land across the see that is Ireland! As ferries go it was ok, it gave us free coffee, not free lasagne and got us where we’re wanted to go, who could ask for more!

We spent the first night parked up at a tiny site at which we were the only people 🙂 It was overlooking (and pretty much surrounded by) an inlet… from the sea 🙂

The site was lovely and watching the wading birds in the morning at low tide was fantastic!

Day two took us to Tintern Abbey. Not the one in wales…an offshoot of that one. The Cistercians didn’t seem inventive with naming…Still it was a lovely abbey although very strange as it had been altered to be a house in the 1600s

It was also the home of my new favourite window 😊

the second part of day two took us to Charles Fort at Kinsale and the start of the Wild Atlantic Way 😁

Charles Fort was amazing, it stood from 1682 until the Irish independence in 1922, it was subsequently burned during the Irish civil war… this makes is both a fort and a ruin, which is an awesome combination if you ask me!

such photogenic places… and only the start of the Wild Atlantic way 😁

We camped up for the night at a little site just outside Timoleague which came with lovely views, reasonable facilities and an extremely hopeful and friendly dog 😁


10 thoughts on “Irish Advantureing – part 1

  1. Wowawee! There is so much to say about this! Firstly, it is always wonderful to see little red van in all his glory 🙂 Such a majestic beast! It looks like you have had some lovely weather, I’m very pleased about that. There are some STUNNING photos here – obviously, I would expect nothing less from my talented friend 🙂 The one of the dead-looking chap behind glass is a bit freaky – I like it! Ireland is very lucky to have you exploring its marvellous parts. I am loving this!!! 😀

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    1. It is absolutely amazing over here!! I am loving it so much! The weather has been uncharacteristically sunny and beautiful! I keep expecting it to rain!
      I should probably have said more about the head in the box… in the abbey there was a reproduction (hopefully) of the head of the chap who built the abbey… no real explanation as to why it was there though…

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      1. Haha! You might have thought that they would have reproduced him when he was alive! But somehow this is much better 🙂
        I’m so pleased you are having such a brilliant time, these are advantures of the highest order! And I really do love the photos. You should show them to the Irish tourist board people because I think they would love them too. 🙂

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