Irish Advanturing – part 2

This third morning of our adventure took us to a second abbey of the holiday Timoleague Abbey. This is a ruined abbey on the edge of the town of Timoleague. It managed to escape the dissolution of the monasteries only to be burned and asset stripped by Cromwell. Actually is soldiers, probably not himself…

It was fascinating and strange as the tradition of burying people inside the grounds has continued and extended to inside the ruin.

after the abbey we had a wander along the edge of the inlet and watched birds wading and feeding…it was lovely in the sunshine and I had never seen curlew and oyster catchers in a town before!

The afternoon saw us investigating Drombeg stone circle, it is one of Ireland’s more well known circles and is in the care of OPW which is Ireland’s version of English Heritage, although less commercial…

It was a lovely circle and the setting was phenomenal, it felt quite different to the stone circles we have visited in the UK, possible because it sits differently in an unfamiliar landscape. I loved it though, it is well worth a visit πŸ™‚

After all this excitement, we settled in for the evening at an accidental campsite called Top of the Rock. Well…the campsite wasn’t accidental, but we found it by accident and it was an excellent accident!

The campsite was quiet and neat and had donkeys and goats to say hello to!


13 thoughts on “Irish Advanturing – part 2

  1. More amazing pictures! I found myself lingering on the ones of the burials in the ruins and I don’t know why. They are certainly beautiful, but seeing the graves inside confused my little brain. I like it, though, I got the feeling the dead people were sort of tucked up snuggly in there. The stone circle is incredible and the setting is breathtaking. And a lovely donkey! And little birds! This is the best trip ever. Little red van looks very chuffed πŸ™‚

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    1. Little red van is extremely happy with all this advanturing!!
      I know what you mean about the graves in the abbey, it is like they are doubly safe, wrapped up by the walls as well as the earth. It was a very strange feeling!
      The stone circle was absolutely incredible! And I only had to be abrupt with one American to get my pictures…
      I loved the donkey!! I gave him mange tout as well as striking his nose!!

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      1. I shall be thinking about those graves all day, for some reason. In a good way, not a weird, creepy way.
        Only one American! That was lucky. They can hunt in packs and be very unruly at times. Well behaved Americans are a rarity – maybe you should have taken a picture! ‘An American Behaving’ could been an iconic image. It would be on mugs and everything πŸ˜€
        A mange tout! I bet you are the donkey’s best friend now πŸ™‚

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      2. I did the same, they get in your head!

        The American was not really behaving he was doing handstands on the stone at the centre of the circle… he seemed more concerned with getting the perfect β€œhandstand in an unusual place” photo than finding out about the place!
        I only asked him to move when he stood in the way for ages on his phone…
        I think that donkey has a lot of friends… he tried to eat my sleeve too which I told him was not donkey food!! 😊

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      3. Oh dear. Now I am not happy with that American at all. I know – I shall avenge the stone circle when I am in Florida in a couple of weeks, by being very naughty indeed. That’ll learn ’em.
        Ah, donkeys will try and eat anything and your sleeve probably smelled very tasty. It’s always good to try not to eat your friends, but sometimes it’s hard. I wish I was a donkey.

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      4. I certainly shall! Just you wait…
        If I was a donkey I would carry you on my back along the beach! But I probably wouldn’t be able to drive you around traffic abouts because of the hooves, so maybe I am better as me. Sometimes I might just tell people I’m a donkey so I get the feeding and stroking and friends…

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