Irish Advanturing – part 3

Tuesday morning started with a donkey trying to eat my sleeve… it’s ok though, he wasn’t vicious about it, I probably shouldn’t have tried to stroke his nose before breakfast!

After this donkey drama we set off to the local shops for supplies, this is noteworthy for two reasons, the first is that the name of the local town is Skibbereen which is an excellent name and should absolutely be the name of a planet! The second reason it is noteworthy is because it means I get to show you all the pretty colours that towns are painted in this part of Ireland 😊

(These are not all from the same town but they are so colourful)

After this cheerful and useful stop we headed off along the Wild Atlantic Way to in search of a dramatic bridge (that will make sense soon I promise)

It was a spectacular, if longer than expected, drive with a slight detour to a lookout point.

The lookout point had a tower on but I seem to have failed to photograph it…so imagine a tower πŸ™‚

When we arrived at our destination, a place called Mizen Head, it was well worth the wiggly wiggly drive πŸ™‚ Mizen head was a signal station, I think it still is, although there is different technology now. It is also the most south westerly point in Ireland, the next land after that is the USA. We decided not to try to swim there and looked around at the extremely spectacular rocks and interesting signals and lighthouse buildings πŸ™‚

We spent so long here that the staff were packing up and washing floors by the time we left. It was then time to set our selves up for the night again with our friends the donkeys and the goats πŸ™‚


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