Irish Advanturing – part 4

Wednesday: The day of the flying shed!

No, I am not kidding…well more or less not kidding…

We decided to make a trip out to Dursley Island off the end of the Beara Peninsula, it is a relatively small island and only accessible via Ireland’s only cable car…

The drive out there was extremely picturesque, but somewhat confusing. I discovered during this that Ireland is not to scale! It has a completely variable approach to distances on road signs. We passed a sign which said cable car 23 km, shortly after that we passed one that said 8km shortly after that we passed another one that said 8km… i gave up trying to work it out and looked out of the window and attempt to take pictures…

When we did finally arrive, it was a spectacular location and there was indeed a cable car…which resembled a flying shed… it looked, quite frankly, terrifying! We decided that some fortifying scones were in order before we braved it!

See… it definitely resembles a flying shed!

We braved it though and to be honest it was a lot more structural and well put together than it appeared…it had to be, it is the only means of travel to and from the island for the people who live there!

Once on the island we went for a walk, it was an absolutely beautiful setting and so a walk around was just the thing πŸ™‚

The first section of the walk was undoubtedly spectacular, but along a road. For the return journey we decided to brave the mountain path. It wasn’t a huge mountain but it was definitely a rocky path and quite a challenge for a person who broke thier ankle 9 weeks ago…

However I engaged my intrepid explorer feet, and got my inner warrior goddess in line and off we went 😊 it was excellent and no one fell off any mountains!

It was definitely worth it for the views!!

And in the beautiful sunshine even the flying shed was pretty 😊


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