Irish Advanturing – Part 5

This is getting to be a long series!

I was so excited by the flying shed and conquering a tiny mountain that I forgot to tell you about the awesome place we stayed in Castletownbere! It was right on the edge of the inlet opposite Bere Island and the site itself was called Bere Haven (or as it translates Bear Haven…Barnsworth was very pleased!

This is Barnsworth and his friend Tobermory Womble, they come on all the advantures!

The site was part of a golf course, it was set a short walk away from the main buildings with a toilet hut and washing up hut. The most startling thing about this site was that it was unmanned. There was a slot through which to put your fees and a form to fill in, and everything else was free to use. Except the showers, showers seem to be coin operated in Ireland…

The view from the site was so good that even the washing up didn’t seem like  chore 😀

After a walk around Castletownbere in the morning to pick up supplies, we decided to head over to Kenmare, after all we couldn’t avoid towns completely for the whole trip 🙂

The are a lot of road signs in Ireland!!

The roads between the two were absolutely phenomenal, and speckled with more stunning views than even I could photograph! I am going to settle for showing you the amazing place we had our lunch…

Kenmare was another pretty town with multicoloured buildings and a lot of road signs pointing in every conceivable direction…It also had its very own stone circle and an excellent music shop. We visited both along with an extremely pretty bridge which had nothing to do with Oliver Cromwell, despite its name…

The stone circle was, to me at least, nothing like as interesting as the one at Drombeg earlier in the week, it was too manicured and enclosed by trees, it felt less like an ancient site and more like a garden ornament. Although it was original and extremely complete, it didn’t give me a sense of how it was used or how it fit into the original landscape. Interesting and picturesque nonetheless!

We camped up for the night at Cahardaniel on a caravan site which looked like it could be busy, but ended up providing us with a lovely spot right next to the sea with almost no other people in sight at all 🙂

Everyone loved it, including Barnsworth!

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